I am an Infographic Maniac

My name is Noah, and I am an Infographic Maniac. There, I admit it.

Infographics at its’ best can be the new perfect combination of form and function. Typography has a new outlet to explore and gain new significance and interest. Data has a new vehicle for communication. Design can propel the afore-delivered dull facts in a refreshing new way. If it is done strategically, and with insight, it can be a perfect experience.

A well considered blog post / service pitch by Simon Steinhardt, Associate Creative Director, Editorial of JESS3 Blog lists essential qualities of a good infographic as:

  • Utility
  • Beauty
  • Entertainment
  • Relevancy
  • Promotion
  • Integrity
  • Excellence

I have designed and absorbed my fair share of infographics & data-viz. My earliest study of the form was probably inspired by a Mashable article. One of my favorite music videos to watch on YouTube is of a self-contained magical infographic animated version of life by the Norwegian electronica band Royksopp, titled Remind Me. I believe a decent infographic should:

  • evolve an imagery set from a core concept
  • be clear yet creative
  • contain images that directly connect to the data set
  • be catchy

One infographic trend that I hope proves to be a fad in the nearest future is:

  • the near endless tall and skinny scroll (human-computer interactive behavior proves attentions wane with each subsequent scroll down)

For your consideration I now include my infographic resume. It is a hybrid communication form. It integrates best practices of infographics, resumes, and illustration, in a handy 1 page design.

Noah Xifr Infographic Resume

Noah Xifr Infographic Resume

  • core concept = driving
  • clarity = distinct information areas + QR code for text only version
  • image connectivity = icons were developed specifically per data set and integrated into the whole
  • catchy catchy = an actual car chassis & dashboard design (mashup inspired by Thunderbird + Audi + Tron)
  • + no scroll! = landscape orientation

Calling all infographic maniacs out there. What are your impressions? What makes an exemplary infographic in your mind and heart? What would you like to see more of in future infographics?

Share and enjoy!

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