Have FUN with Social Media. Make Your Own Someecard!

Nice tip – How to jump into the Someecard meme.

Your Social Media Mentor

Social Media Mentor Someecard1

We’re all constantly looking for “content” that will catch our customers attention and better yet engage them online. But you have to remain human and funny AND creative? I’m already tired.

One very cool thing you can do is create your own someecard! You know those someecards I’m talking about. The cards that marry old world living images with new technological or smart ass comments we all love. Well what if you could create your own, and let your personality shine through this HUGE trend.

Too easy..right? Right!

Here’s how to create yours, just as I created mine.

  1. First go to http://www.someecards.com
  2. Hub over Create Your Own and select “Create Cards”
  3. You can choose a category, but I found it easier if you select “choose image”. When you choose image you’ll see in the top right corner options to what you’re specifically looking for.
  4. After, select your color (preferably your…

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