Is slow design a social media solution? #UNPLUG #SMWreporter [Comic]

An exemplary social media reporter requires marketing strategy background, savvy trend analysis and… COMICS! I am a marketing management strategist, and also a painter and graphic novelist. One social media trends is towards VISUAL content, like COMICS, so I had some fun with it.

Going through my RSS feed (now Feedly to ifTTT to Buffer) I came across a discussion in Fast Company of Slow Design by Jeremy Finch titled “4 Ways Slow Design Will Make The Super-Fast World We Live In Better”. In response to digital overload, Baratunde Thurston took a 25 day social media vacation and shared his experience with the hashtag #UNPLUG. Inspiring source material for a comic!

#Facebook #fb #unplug #slowdesign

Slow Design Comic #UNPLUG #SMWreporter

Digital overload causes pressure. A speedy blue Facebook icon with three legs symbolizes the overwhelming three column news feed design. The third leg is about to aggressively kick down a wall.

Baratunde Thurston champions work-life balance among social media’s super-connected. Stopping to reconsider reality is like a red brick wall. Unplugging sparked a conversation on the future of human computer interaction.

Slower interface design may be the solution to build a more satisfying social media experience. How many times have you groaned at Facebook design changes and “updates”? Slow design will greatly influence future retention and engagement.


What do you think are the strengths and design fails in social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest and Foursquare? Where should their design boldly go? Future MMW posts will explore Slow Design further and include a Video Log on the making of this Slow Design COMIC!


Readers! Check out Social Media Week and their sponsor Nokia. I have volunteered and attended many Social Media Week events in New York. I have reported, live tweeted, and had amazing conversations with the founders of Mutopo, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and even Forest Whitaker all at Social Media Week. I can capture the essence of a breakout session with artistic photos, insightful videos and a unique COMIC! I welcome the opportunity to cover the upcoming #SMWBerlin conference as a #SMWReporter and encourage everybody to check out all the SMW educational training videos and LiveStreams!


Keep it social!  Share and enjoy!

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