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Moon Marketing Works logo 2013

Moon Marketing Works logo 2013

Welcome to the MMW blog! I am very pleased that you are reading this, and love the opportunity to share my considered insights with you.

 What is Moon Marketing Works?
(via LinkedIn profile http://www.LinkedIn.com/in/Noah_Xifr )

I develop strategic cost effective creative solutions for the most intriguing business MARKETING concerns. The past 12 years have been full of amazing projects and products. Main client area specializations include consumer products, food industry, the arts, small business and educational institutions. I have a knack for gathering and synthesizing research to inform and implement strategic plans and creative briefs, across websites, blogs and social media platforms. To do so, I founded and direct Moon Marketing Works, the Planning and Design consultancy that solves your marketing needs Aesthetically and Strategically.

What you can expect on the Moon Marketing Works blog:

Ideas and analysis from a marketing perspective, combining a sharp mind and heartfelt honesty.


All my opinions are mine! All content copyright 2013 by Noah Xifr. If you would like to re-blog or share snippets, my blog etiquette is to contact me first via e-mail: info@MoonMarketingWorks.com

Reach out and share someone:

If you are intrigued by my content, please like, comment, share, and tell your family, friends and colleagues to check this out. I am available for guest blogging posts to shed some light on intriguing white papers, case studies, strategy, business or marketing planning, creative briefs, and ad copy. Simply email: info@MoonMarketingWorks.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Share and enjoy!

Moon Marketing Works

Noah Xifr MMW

Noah Xifr | Marketing Consultant
Services:  Strategic Planning | Social Media Strategy
Graphic & Web Design | Business Development
+1 (646) 450-9278
Social profiles:
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